It's been said that change is inevitable, and that time shapes all things. Red5 Pro has not been immune to the formative power of change. In fact, we've made our live-streams better, faster, stronger (cue Daft Punk). With the release of version 3.0, we optimized WebRTC to be more robust and secure. With these improvements came changes in our pricing structure. We decided that we needed more options so developers can find a package that fits their use case. Here's a brief explanation of those expanded plans.

When you sign up, you can start with our 30 Day Free Trial to test the low latency streaming of Red5 Pro including live recording and VOD functions. This will allow you to set-up a streaming platform connecting browsers (WebRTC/HTML5, RTMP, RTSP, HLS), iOS and/or Android devices. You will be limited to 10 connections where one connection equals one broadcaster OR one subscriber. Any support you require can be answered by phone, email or in the community. Once your free trial expires, you are left with a few options:

Developer Pro:

  • $29.99 per month
  • Browser-based streaming with live recording and VOD only (no mobile support)
  • 100 connection limit
  • Community Support
  • Perfect for those still developing their product, or hobbyists

Startup Pro

  • $109 per month*
  • Unlimited connections Multi-Protocol Support (WebRTC/HTML5, RTMP, RTSP, HLS)?Advanced Features:
  • Adaptive Bit Rate
  • Transcoding capability
  • IP Camera support
  • Each Additional Instance is $109/MO*
  • Email and Community Support
  • Good for early stage growth

*with annual commitment

Growth Pro

  • $279 per month. Includes all features from Startup Pro
  • 3 Included Instances
  • Professional Features:
    • Autoscaling (for unlimited capacity)
    • Deploy on AWS or Google Cloud (Azure coming soon)
  • Each additional Instance $89/MO*
  • Private Slack Chat Channel, Email and Community Support
  • Deployment level features with the best value!

*with annual commitment

Enterprise Pro

  • $999 per month. Includes all features from Growth Pro
  • Offline Deployments
  • Bulk Discount Pricing Available
  • Includes SLA Plan and Licensing
  • Custom Feature Development
  • Top-Tier Support:
    • Guaranteed Response Time
    • Private Slack Channel
    • Phone Support
    • Email
    • Community

Mobile Support (all pricing levels):

  • $5,000 per year
  • Includes both iOS and Android Support
  • Adaptive Bitrate Broadcasting
  • Hardware Encoding and Decoding
  • Custom Video Sources
  • Live Camera Switching
  • Two Way Video Chat
  • Multi-Party Video Conferencing*
  • Adaptive Stream Re-buffering
  • Low Latency Player
  • Advanced Notifications API
  • Messaging and RPC
  • HD h.264, AAC Encoding up to 4k

*Has limits depending on device capabilities

On top of all those plans, we also offer consulting services!
Contact us for more info or ask a question.

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